Hiring the best photographer for your Special Day?

How about being able to view and share the photos they take of your wedding with all your guests in real time? (Yes, including the ones who couldn’t make it to the wedding)

Sounds like fun? Say hello to and smile for Kamero, a fantastic App that lets your Photographer instantly share selected photos with you and your guests on a secured Event based Photo Gallery.

Live HD Photo-Stories!

Instant HD Photos? Check. Uploaded photos get auto-arranged by time of clicking? Double Check. Photo Story? Ready before you finish reading this sentence.



Every Event on Kamero gets a unique Event ID. Only guests who have this ID can follow the Event and see photos on the App. Usually, couples share the Event ID with guests by printing it on their Wedding Invites. Or invite directly using the share button next to the Event name in the App.


Photo Selection

Tag and send your favourite photos to your photographer for editing and/or prints directly. Bye bye hard drives and GB’s of data to sift through.


Offline Viewing

Photos once viewed on Kamero will remain available for viewing even when offline. Memories are forever eh?


Like what you read? Call out to us. We’ll high five your Photographer and make this happen!

Pricing starts from

Rs 3,500

per couple